Who is Pauline Brown?

Pauline begin dancing at the tender age of three. She practiced jazz, tap and baton for years but has stayed with the Ottawa Valley Style of Stepdancing until today.

Over the years, Pauline has taught hundreds of students of all ages and now children and grandchildren of those students attend her classes.  

In1983, she captured the title of Quebec Champion, hung up her competitive shoes and began performing.  

As a professional stepdancer,   Pauline has performed on many stages.  Special memories include trips to Goose Bay, Alert, Inuvik, Yellowknife and the Queen Charlotte Islands to entertain our Military Troops.  She beat out rhythms on table tops at the famous "Tootsies' Lounge" also known as "Tootsies' Bar” in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Pauline and her cousin Shelley were also invited onto the stage of the Smoky Mountain Boy Roy Acuff's show in Opryland for an impromptu performance.   

In 2003, Pauline was inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame.

Pauline's love of dance and teaching this unique Ottawa Valley art form continues!