Where Can I Buy Shoes?

BRiO - (Two Locations):  877 Bank Street in the Glebe - 613-567-9291 and 380 Richmond Road (Westboro) 613-721-1585

Malabar Ltd.  -1610 Merivale Road - 613-225-8374  

What do I need to get started?

To your first few lessons, dress comfortably and wear shoes that will not stick to the floor, for example, shoes with a rubber sole.  It is best to make sure you are going to enjoy stepdancing before investing in shoes.  I suggest giving it a try for at least a month before you buy shoes. 


What is the best age to start step dancing?

Some children start as young as 3 years of age and as old as you are able!  For children, a good understanding of which foot is right and which foot is left helps.


When do the sessions start?

The new season commences in September and runs until June  (excluding holidays).  New students are welcome at anytime throughout the year provided class space is available.   

What if I already can dance?

During your first class, I will determine what level you are at and place you according to your ability.


Do you have an annual Dance Recital?

Sunday 9th, 2019 Centre Point Theatre


Where are you located?


In Ottawa at the Bronson Centre, 211 Bronson Avenue


What is the difference between step dancing and tap dancing?

Years ago, there was a big difference between the two forms of dance.  They now have many similar qualities.  For example:

  • in the past, stepdancers moved from the waist down and now dancers use their entire body with style as do tap dancers;
  • Tap uses the melody of music to complement their dance and now stepdancers choreograph his or her routines to specific fiddle tunes also to complement their dance.
  • Stepdancing is traditionally done with fiddle tunes but can be danced to any music provided it has the proper timing and/or rhythm.